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Bosch 18V drill

Model: DDS181 3601H6611

Bosch 18V drill with battery and charger

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  • Powerful 3 Amp delievers 6,000-20,000 Oscillations Per Minute
  • Reduced vibration(6.5m/s²) and low noise 80 dBA for user comfort
  • Ideal for wood flooring, tile, plaster, sheetrock, PVC and others
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10kt yellow gold heart pendant

10kt yellow gold heart pendant has one round blue stone in the center of the heart and has 5 small round clear stones

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14Kt rose gold ring

14kt rose gold ring has 10 round diamonds in the center and 14 smaller round diamonds

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14KT White Gold Ring

14kt white gold ring has 2 blue round stones, 1 purple, 1 pink, and has a larger pink stone in the center

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14KT Yellow Gold Ring

14kt yellow gold ring has one round cz stone in the center and 6 smaller round cz stones

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14KT White Gold Ring

14kt white gold ring has 2 small round diamonds and 22 smaller round diamonds

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  • The C555 Concrete Moisture Meter provides fast, non-destructive preliminary moisture measurements on smooth, firm concrete to help pinpoint problem areas and determine where to place Rapid RH L6 Smart Sensors.
  • Helps you find hotspots in slab. This will guide the best/vital placement of in-situ RH tests.
  • Gives you the information to be able to assess whether the environment is appropriate to install your floor
  • Differentiating feature: This meter gives the ability to measure relative humidity AND temperature.