The Everstart MAXX BC50BE 15 Amp Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer delivers serious charging power in a compact and lightweight package. Controlled by an advanced microprocessor, this bench battery charger automatically detects your battery’s voltage and then applies the needed charging amps to ensure superior performance and long-lasting battery life. That means you can leave this charger connected to a healthy battery all winter long, and when you come back your car, truck, RV or jet ski will be ready to go. There’s a 50 Amp Engine Start mode designed to help get you back on the road fast, and a Battery Reconditioning mode that can help optimize performance even with older batteries. The built in Alternator Check can even help diagnose some difficult automotive issues. The Everstart MAXX BC50BE has all the practical features of professional-grade shop equipment without the professional-grade price. It’s also ETL certified and backed by a manufaturer warranty.

Category: INV: 29460-1

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